Carbon dioxide (CO2) is the second most abundant greenhouse gas on Earth after water vapor. With the increasing concentration of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, the temperature of the lower layers of the Earth rises, leading to global warming. An increase in the greenhouse effect results in catastrophic climate change. Here are just a few of its impacts:

  • Reduction of habitat and biodiversity due to ongoing ice melting
  • Extinction of wildlife due to the flooding of agricultural areas
  • Drought, desertification, and crop failures
  • Wildfires that ignite spontaneously
  • Spread of heat-related infections such as Ebola, yellow fever, cholera, and others

In recent years, higher temperatures have been observed worldwide. Humanity is facing a real problem as the current industrial landscape exacerbates the growing greenhouse effect.

By processing biomass and wood into carbon-neutral biochar, a significant reduction in greenhouse gas emissions can be achieved. Volatile carbon is transformed into a solid form. Furthermore, the released thermal energy can be utilized for heating spaces and electricity generation.