Planning and construction management of industrial plants for biochar production, “turnkey” according to the EPCM principle (Engineering, Procurement, and Construction Management). From concept development to commissioning, SPSC has successfully implemented over 20 projects in 5 countries worldwide.

Our biochar kilns or continuous retorts, the SPSC Vario XL, are designed for a continuous process with an innovative, self-developed concept of process energy utilization. This allows for a significant reduction in energy costs and increased process efficiency, while maintaining a high quality of the produced biochar (>90% carbon content).

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Benefits of in-house biochar production using SPSC technology

With SPSC technology, you can produce biochar of the highest quality at the lowest cost.

Biochar Quality Certification

The SPSC technology ensures stable production conditions and high environmental compatibility. Biochar produced using SPSC technology corresponds to the highest quality according to laboratory analysis based on the EBC standard*.

Laboratory analysis results

* No certification. If desired and required, the device owner (operating company) has the option of carrying out the certification independently.